Boerne Community Information

Money Magazine voted Boerne one of the best cities to live in 2005. Its prime location, quality education system, thriving economy, excellent transportation infrastructure and plethora of entertainment make for a recipe for real estate success and people are recognizing this as homes are snapped up every day for prices lower than you might expect in exchange for such a fine quality of life.

The recreational opportunities in and around the city of Boerne are simply too numerous to list! However, a handful of the most popular spots bear discussing when considering a visit or relocation to the lovely Texas Hill Country. Consider the fascinating natural attraction called ?The Cave Without A Name.? Locally dubbed the ?deepest, darkest secret in Texas,? visitors escape summer heat in the depths of this beautiful underground oasis.

Hourly tours take sightseers through six expansive subterranean rooms with fantastic stalactites, stalagmites, and other unique cave formations. The tour ends where the Guadalupe River feeds through the Glen Rose aquifer. The river itself provides an abundance of outdoor recreational opportunities. Tubing and rafting are popular activities on the portion of the Guadalupe between Canyon Dam and New Braunfels, TX. Other segments of the river are host to avid fishermen, campers and hikers.

The Boerne City Park's outer edge features swimming pools, tennis courts and athletic fields. Deeper into the heart of the park, three miles of exciting hiking trails collectively named the Cibolo Wilderness Trail are surrounded by 100 acres of wilderness. Outdoor enthusiasts also enjoy bird watching, horseback riding, and other activities in the depths of these wooded areas. The Wilderness Trail is divided into smaller trails that are each named for a different natural habitat. Names such as the Historic Farm Trail and the Marsh Trail beckon visitors of all ages to escape city life and get some exercise while enjoying and studying local flora and fauna.

All this and there are still countless activities involving the area's local German heritage, theaters, night clubs, eateries, antiques and shopping centers of all varieties. Libraries, museums, golf courses, art galleries, music venues and so much more await visitors to the lovely town of Boerne. There is so much to do there, in fact, some guests never leave! Why not become the next permanent visitor to Boerne, TX today?